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Tips for Aspiring and New Writers

It’s important to me to pay it forward and to help others just as I was fortunate enough to receive help when I first started out.  Before I was a #1 International Bestselling author I was just a guy who dreamed of being a published author.

I hope these quick tips help and please do feel free to ask me any questions about writing if you like! Just leave questions in the comments section!

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Andrew PetersonTips for Aspiring and New Writers

Some Great Thriller Writers

There are so many great thriller authors out there and I wanted to name a few that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Lee Child, whose Jack Reacher novels are some of the best thrillers out there, is a particular favorite of mine.

Christine Feehan who writes several series that could fall under the category of “thriller” writes a military thriller called the GhostWalker series that I recommend.

And author Karen Rose has some of the scariest villains out there!

Check out the video to get the details and be sure to let me know who your top picks would be!

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Andrew PetersonSome Great Thriller Writers

Man of Faith: Andrew Peterson Talks Nathan McBride



Nathan McBride is a retired Marine Corps sniper and CIA operations officer. He’s been on covert missions, difficult missions, dangerous missions. And along the way it was his job to kill. But Nathan is a man of faith. A Christian. How much does that shape who he is and what he does? And how much of it affects the books?

A candid discussion of “A Man of Faith.”

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Andrew PetersonMan of Faith: Andrew Peterson Talks Nathan McBride

Harvey Fontana and His Role in the Nathan McBride Series

Some secondary characters become increasingly important throughout the life of a series.  Nathan McBride’s friend and business partner Harvey Fontana has always been a strong character and people ask me about his quite often.

I thought it was time to bring this character into the spotlight and talk about Harvey and how he fits into Nathan’s life.


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Andrew PetersonHarvey Fontana and His Role in the Nathan McBride Series

Talking About Heroism and What Defines It

We all have an idea of what a hero is.  There are some we can all agree on and then there are some that seem more personal to us.  Whether it’s a soldier in the military or a teacher who goes the extra mile to help a child, there are heroes all around us.

I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss what heroes are to me. I’d like to invite you to talk about a hero in your life!



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Andrew PetersonTalking About Heroism and What Defines It

Andrew Peterson Talks: Nathan McBride’s Character Arc



With a number of books out now, Nathan McBride has a well established back story.  We’ve watched him grow and react to several different situations and we’ve grown to depend him.  This is an inside look at the overall character arc of Nathan McBride. I hope you’ll enjoy the video.

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Andrew PetersonAndrew Peterson Talks: Nathan McBride’s Character Arc

Andrew Peterson Talks: Nathan McBride’s Relationships

Talking about the relationships of Nathan McBride; an inside and in-depth look at an interesting protagonist.  Who does Nathan allow in his inner-circle? Who’s important to him?  I hope you’ll enjoy this video that gives you some insight to Nathan.

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Andrew PetersonAndrew Peterson Talks: Nathan McBride’s Relationships

Why the Christmas Season is Important to Me

If you know me, you know I believe in God and my faith is important. As a young child, Christmas was mostly about getting presents. Now in adulthood, Christmas is not about getting presents, it’s about reinforcing and confirming my belief in something much bigger than myself. Funny how things change. I still love the Christmas season with its special music on the radio, our home filled with decorations, and the seasonal fragrances that perfume the air. Oh, and let’s not forget the roast beast!

DSC_0231-e1483583370325-200x300 - Why the Christmas Season is Important to Me


It’s easy to forget how blessed I am. I have a loving wife and family, a beautiful home, a writing career, and a wonderful pooch – a giant schnauzer named Lilli.

Christmas is that time of year when I’m fortunate to spend time with family and friends. We share memories, joy, and happiness – which are far more precious than wrapped gifts under a decorated tree. Because of my faith, Christmas is the ultimate reminder of the most priceless gift I’ve been given.

IMG_6713-e1483583498128-300x225 - Why the Christmas Season is Important to Me

Thank you President Ulysses S. Grant for making Christmas a national holiday in 1870!

During this Christmas season, it’s my sincere hope everyone will remain safe and well, be with the ones they love, and have a very Merry Christmas!


Now as we start 2017, we look back and say, “We made it another year!”



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Andrew PetersonWhy the Christmas Season is Important to Me

Days I Don’t Want to Write – An Author’s Journey Part 2 of 2

Writing, like any other job or career, comes with days when working is the last thing I want to do. I don’t have a structured writing schedule, I work when the creative process is flowing. On days when it isn’t, I fall back on editing. I love to edit what I’ve written.

atdesk-300x225 - Days I Don’t Want to Write - An Author’s Journey Part 2 of 2

Then there are days when I’m sick and just getting out of bed is a chore. Thankfully, I’m rarely that sick. My issues have been surgeries and I’ve had a slew of them. Even though I haven’t yet reached my sixtieth year, both of my shoulders have been replaced, my right knee is artificial, and my lumbar is fused at L3-L4-L5. I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I’ve endured over twenty-two surgical procedures. I’m no stranger to pain! Despite all of that, I have to be disciplined, even when I’m not in the mood. I haven’t been able to write manuscript while recovering in hospital beds. If someone’s figured that one out, please share your secret!

On a serious note, it’s not unusual for a writer to stare at a blank page on the screen for a while. Guess what? I’m no different, and it’s normal. It’s okay to draw a “creative blank.” Making matters worse, there are tons of distractions: The lure of Netflix. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Email and blogging. At times, the eWorld is overpowering and writing becomes a grinding task.

But, (you knew there was a “but” coming), I have man-up and force myself to pound something out. Even if I just write one scene or finish one thought, it’s a moral victory. Lately, I’ve learned to dictate manuscript into my phone using the Siri feature of Notes. It’s crude, with lots of misspellings and missing punctuation, but it’s something I can edit later. And edit I do!

There’s always research as a fallback. If I can’t be creative, or get any serious editing done, I’ll dig into story elements online. I’ll research stuff – all kinds of stuff. And by “research” I don’t mean binge-watching Criminal Minds. I use the Internet to further my story, even if it’s reading from Wikipedia about Pandas or listening to audiobooks on how to improve my craft. Here’s a writing tip: Google Earth is a great source for scene/site research. It will never replace a physical visit, but I can get a pretty good feel for a place I’ve never visited.

My advice to aspiring writers? Invest in your career in some way, each and every day. There’s no shortcut or backdoor. Hard work is never time wasted.


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Andrew PetersonDays I Don’t Want to Write – An Author’s Journey Part 2 of 2

Keeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2

Taking yourself too seriously is a surefire way to lose sight of what’s really important. I make time to enjoy life, find something fun to do, or simply hang out with people who inspire me to laugh and be part of something bigger than my everyday life.

IMG_6326-e1479743490102-225x300 - Keeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2

Fun with dogs!

If you’ve met me, you know I’m an easy-going guy. I love meeting new people and learning new things. Being a novelist is rewarding in many ways. Talking in person with readers who’ve enjoyed my series is humbling, especially when they encourage me to: “Hurry up and release the next book!” I wish I could write faster.

Self promotion is something I find awkward and difficult. I’ve been taught humility is a good trait, so I’m uncomfortable talking about myself or my books. If you’ve ever seen me at a writers conference, I’m terrible at doing my own introduction or endorsing my latest novel. I’d rather talk about the craft of writing, editing, and polishing a manuscript. I enjoy giving back what others have given to me. I wouldn’t be published without the help of Ridley Pearson. He offered encouragement early in my career, something I’ll always cherish.

RidleyPearson-150x150 - Keeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2

Ridley Pearson

I love supporting other authors, but I also support my family, my church, my community, and especially my wife Carla. My passions outside of my writing career center around helping organizations that help animals, our veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Doing so brings balance to my life.

IMG_5934-e1479744773323-150x150 - Keeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2

It’s a highly competitive industry, but I believe you can be successful if you’re willing to work hard and never give up. I’ve wanted to be a traditionally published for many years and indeed it took many years for that to happen. I attended dozens of conferences where I sought the guidance and advice from editors, agents, and other authors. Being a novelist isn’t a glamorous life, but it’s fulfilling. My writing is my career and I hold myself to high, professional standards.

To those of you who are aspiring authors I say, “never give up.” If you’re passionate about your writing, keep at it! Always look for ways to improve your craft. Don’t work in isolation – go to conferences to hone your prose. Yes, this might mean ten more re-writes. Take this to heart: Writing is the art of rewriting. On average, I do 15-20 editorial passes through every book.

If you enjoy sharing your stories and want to earn a living doing it, there’s no magic pill, shortcut, or back door. Join a writer’s group, attend conferences, and ask lots of questions. Put yourself into the professional mindset of a novelist and write!. That’s how you get your book published. I’m living proof it can happen!


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Andrew PetersonKeeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2