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Yosemite’s North Dome

North%2520Dome%2520from%2520Valley%2520Floor%25202012 - Yosemite's North Dome

This year my cousin Brent Eastty and I took on a tough hike. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. There’s no easy way to summit North Dome from the valley floor. We chose the Tenaya zigzags east of Mirror Lake and started at 0600. We were on top by 1200 and pretty tired. The view of Half Dome is spectacular. Carla came in from Tioga Road and we met her at the foot bridge at Tenaya Creek. It was a great day of hiking, nearly a twenty-mile round trip. The three of us were sore and achy for the next three days… But we did it!

Along-North-Dome-Trail-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
Backside-of-North-Dome-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
Brent-Eastty-top-of-North-Dome-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
Half-Dome-from-top-of-North-Dome-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
Tenaya-Creek-2012-e1340412599335-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
Tenaya-Zigzags-to-North-Dome-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome
The-Beauty-of-Yosemite-2012-600x450 - Yosemite's North Dome

I’d love to hear about about your adventures in Yosemite – a truly magnificent national park.

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Andrew PetersonYosemite’s North Dome