Andrew Peterson

Tips for Aspiring and New Writers

It’s important to me to pay it forward and to help others just as I was fortunate enough to receive help when I first started out.  Before I was a #1 International Bestselling author I was just a guy who dreamed of being a published author. I hope these quick tips help and please do

Some Great Thriller Writers

There are so many great thriller authors out there and I wanted to name a few that I wholeheartedly recommend. Lee Child, whose Jack Reacher novels are some of the best thrillers out there, is a particular favorite of mine. Christine Feehan who writes several series that could fall under the category of “thriller” writes a

Man of Faith: Andrew Peterson Talks Nathan McBride

    Nathan McBride is a retired Marine Corps sniper and CIA operations officer. He’s been on covert missions, difficult missions, dangerous missions. And along the way it was his job to kill. But Nathan is a man of faith. A Christian. How much does that shape who he is and what he does? And

Harvey Fontana and His Role in the Nathan McBride Series

Some secondary characters become increasingly important throughout the life of a series.  Nathan McBride’s friend and business partner Harvey Fontana has always been a strong character and people ask me about his quite often. I thought it was time to bring this character into the spotlight and talk about Harvey and how he fits into

Talking About Heroism and What Defines It

We all have an idea of what a hero is.  There are some we can all agree on and then there are some that seem more personal to us.  Whether it’s a soldier in the military or a teacher who goes the extra mile to help a child, there are heroes all around us. I

Research for the Nathan McBride Series

It’s important to keep it real and research details as much as possible when writing any novel, but it’s particularly important to me to do the homework to make Nathan’s life and work seem real.  Here, I talk about how I do that.  

Andrew Peterson Talks: Nathan McBride’s Character Arc

    With a number of books out now, Nathan McBride has a well established back story.  We’ve watched him grow and react to several different situations and we’ve grown to depend him.  This is an inside look at the overall character arc of Nathan McBride. I hope you’ll enjoy the video.

Why the Christmas Season is Important to Me

If you know me, you know I believe in God and my faith is important. As a young child, Christmas was mostly about getting presents. Now in adulthood, Christmas is not about getting presents, it’s about reinforcing and confirming my belief in something much bigger than myself. Funny how things change. I still love the