Andrew Peterson

Why the Christmas Season is Important to Me

If you know me, you know I believe in God and my faith is important. As a young child, Christmas was mostly about getting presents. Now in adulthood, Christmas is not about getting presents, it’s about reinforcing and confirming my belief in something much bigger than myself. Funny how things change. I still love the

The Big Thrill – Off the Page

This month I’m featured on The Big Thrill talking about Nathan McBride! I hope you’ll stop by and check out the article and while you’re there check out some of the other amazing articles about thrillers and thriller writers!

Keeping it Real – An Author’s journey Part 1 of 2

Taking yourself too seriously is a surefire way to lose sight of what’s really important. I make time to enjoy life, find something fun to do, or simply hang out with people who inspire me to laugh and be part of something bigger than my everyday life. If you’ve met me, you know I’m an

Tracey Reader Dad Thriller Blog Interview with Andrew Peterson

Join Andy over on the popular Tracey Reader Dad thriller blog! What is the story behind the Nathan McBride series? Where did the idea come from? It would be easy to write several thousand words on this subject, but I’ll spare your blog readers! My inspiration for creating Nathan McBride comes from my respect and admiration

RT Booklovers in Vegas…What a Whirlwind!

  RT Booklovers Convention is always a whirlwind experience. Meeting readers, discovering new authors, getting together with friends, and attending parties is always a great time. I attended many workshops and panels that kept me up to speed on new trends in the industry and what readers are interested in. Being Las Vegas for all

Taking Chances Part 3 of 4: To Serial or not to Serial

Taking Chances Part 3 of 4 “To Serial or not to Serial” Every new chance you take is an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. Some of those opportunities come from your publisher. Thomas & Mercer approached me with an idea to release my third book, OPTION TO KILL, as a serial novel.

Taking Chances Part 2 of 4: Self-Publishing and Traditional

Take Chances Part 2 of 4 “Coming full Circle” Yesterday we talked about how I released my second book in audio format for six months prior to the print release and how that worked for me. Today I’m going to talk about going from traditional publishing, to self-publishing, and back to traditional publishing. There’s a lot of