Looking through the optic, you see everything.

Imagination ends.

The convergence of the crosshairs is absolute truth, life and death on your fingertip.

You see some gray in the man’s eyebrows and his eyes are blue with a trace of hazel at the edges. Does he have a wife? Children? Your mind screams with doubt, but you flip a mental switch, severing the indecision.

After inhaling a deep breath, you blow half of it out, and gradually increase the pull on the trigger.

Time expands. Then freezes.

The rifle bucks.

All of your senses are hammered, worst of all your ears. It’s much worse for the man on the other end.

The report crackles off the surrounding buildings, then goes quiet. You don’t want to look, but you must.

As if merely passed out from a drunken stupor, the man is slumped in the chair. His arms are limp, but his lips are still moving.

Is he praying or cursing?

It doesn’t matter.

The job is done.

It’s time to go. . .


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Book 7 is coming July 3rd, 2018. Stay tuned!

Right to Kill - Available Now!

The Nathan McBride Series Book 6

When a team of commandos—highly skilled and armed to the teeth—tries to kidnap retired CIA station chief Linda Genneken from her home, trained Marine Nathan McBride and his partner, Harvey Fontana, arrive just in time to join the fight. But their well-honed CIA instincts tell them this is only the beginning.

McBride and Fontana set out to learn who ordered the midnight raid, and why. Is it connected to a rescue mission they conducted with Genneken in South America—a mission that nearly killed McBride? Is it related to the string of assassinations happening simultaneously in that area of the world? Or both?

With the help of their CIA contacts and aided by Genneken, the two men unravel a criminal plot with global implications. And as their race to find answers unspools in six supercharged hours, McBride and his team will be tested like never before.

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Photography by the U.S. Air Force

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Photography by the U.S. Air Force

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